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The following article was from the Better Business Bureau.

Manipulative sales techniques.

Sales should not be about tricking people to buy your product or service. The Scare ‘Em and Save ‘Em technique was used against me in the 1970’s by a competitor who was seeking to take away my customers. There is a variation of this technique being used in Washington to gain support for massive Bail Outs and “Free” Healthcare. The trick is to create concern for a problem real or imagined and then put forth the solution to that problem which only you can provide. The good news is that when people are educated on the trick, it seldom works on them. Below is a link to the Scare ‘Em and Save ‘Em training material. I have edited out the first page and internally blocked out words that reference the company that promoted this deceptive sales technique.

Soon we will point out the “Trick” in the Ben Franklin Close.

Our Newsletters.

We have decided to reactivate our Constant Contact Newsletter as a quaterly publication. We all get too many emails, and most of them are uninteresting to most of us. So, what do we do? We either unsubscribe or try to block them as Spam. Newsletters are no exception. Do get around this we feel the need to make our Newsleters interesting and informative to our readers. Thus, we have to ballance sustainability with quality of content. We think that once per month is the right blend for our customers and prospects.

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Boiler Capacity Charts.

Use these charts to determine how much of our products you need for boiler lay up or boil out.

We are currently working on the publication of the following articles on:

  • Common Closed Loop Problems.
  • How a Water Softener Works.
  • Other Softener Problems.
  • Pump Cavitation.
  • The Care and Feeding of your Closed Loop.

If you would like to be notified when one of these articles is published, or would like us to consider addressing any other technical water treatment subject or concern you may have, please send us a message using the form on the Contact Page.