Client Testimonials

Read what some of our clients have to say about us.

We had been having consistent problems with our water treatment at both of our facilities. Dick Hourigan came in and provided us with the service we needed and expected along with the proper products for our chilled water. We test our water on a daily basis and Dick comes in at least once a month to test the water. We are extremely happy with the results we have had and highly recommend Dick as a water treatment specialist.

– Dick Rader, Plant Operations & Maintenance, a Midwest College

In October 2003 we started to use Dick Hourigan as our water treatment supplier for our boiler and cooling tower treatment in our Styrofoam manufacturing facility. Up until that time we were using liquid chemicals in drums supplied by another company. Drum disposal was starting to become a problem and the floor space taken up by those drums was at a premium. Additionally, we were not getting sufficient service from our supplier to guarantee satisfactory results.

Since taking over the program, Dick has:

  • Switched us over to solid products in small 12 pound bottles which take up far less space, and are easily disposed,
  • Automated the blowdown on our accumulator to save energy and insure dry steam,
  • Provided operator training on the new equipment,
  • And continued to provide quality on site monthly service with corrective action either taken or recommended if necessary.

On Dick’s routine on site service visits, he checks:

  • The chemical residuals in our water treatment program,
  • Checks the performance of our water softener,
  • Insures that the blowdown controllers on both the boiler and the accumulator are properly calibrated,
  • Checks our inventory,
  • And provides written reports that are explained and left for all concerned personnel prior to his departure from our plant.

Dick is a degreed chemist who has worked in the water treatment industry in a variety of career positions since 1973. As such he has a depth of experience that is extremely valuable to me. I consider Dick to be a member of my plant staff.

I highly recommend Dick Hourigan to be your water treatment supplier.

– Dan Santeler, V.P. Operations, a Midwest Styrofoam Facility

We started to use Dick Hourigan as our water treatment supplier for our boiler treatment in 1993. Up until that time we were using an excessive number of products, and not getting adequate service.

Since taking over our water treatment program, Dick has:

  • Automated our blowdown using conductivity based blowdown control,
  • Reduced the number of products from four to only two,
  • Provided operator training,
  • Given a water treatment presentation to all maintenance personnel at our corporate meeting,
  • Removed scale from our boilers,
  • Helped us to ensure that our program was in compliance with our NPDES Permit,
  • And kept us up to date with the latest Liability and Workman’s Compensation Insurance certificates for our file.

I highly recommend Dick Hourigan to be your water treatment supplier.

– Craig Evenson, Plant Manager, a Midwest Animal Feed Producer

Our facility uses water for both heating and air conditioning. We have four gas-fired boilers and one 80 ton chiller. This arrangement has caused us some problems in the past. Because both systems have had common piping, and we use anti-freeze to winterize our chiller; we have had problems with anti-freeze circulating through our system. The pH of the water dropped below the level we needed for our treatment solutions to be effective. After draining large amounts of water from the system with no change, Dick came in and suggested a product that would bring our pH up to level. Since that time we have maintained the correct pH level with no additional problems.

Our relationship with Dick has been extremely satisfying.

– Clip Peterson, Maintenance Manager, a Midwest Assisted Living Facility

I would like to take this opportunity to pass along a reoccurring comment from our boiler inspectors. We have had several boiler inspectors over the years and each have been surprised that our 30+ year old boilers have never been retubed. Thanks to you! This is directly contributable to the excellent water treatment services that you have provided us thorough a large number of those years. On behalf of the Hospital, thank you for the excellent level of service that you have provided us.

– Daniel Bishop, Director of Environmental Services, a Midwest Hospital

Three years ago I took over the property management of a 50-unit condo building that was built in 1968. The rooftop cooling tower was an open recirculating water system. Dick set up proper water treatment and cleaned up an improper treatment system that resulted in, basically, a lake on our roof with algae.

Dick reviewed the building and discovered the products we were using were corroding our air conditioning drip pans, as well as clogging our drains. He suggested a product to keep them clean and also acted as an anticorrosive. Our plumbing and maintenance costs have been greatly reduced since his engagement.

We’d definately recommend his expertise.

– Julie Peterson, Property Manager, a Midwest Condominium

My company has had Dick as our Water Treatment Specialist going on 6 years. After getting a quote from Dick on my water treatment I was shocked to see that he would save us thousands on water treatment for our cooling towers. With my own experience with Dick, If you have a chance to hire him I HIGHLY recommend you do. He is a great person and a top quality Water Treatment Specialist. Thanks to Dick Hourigan.

– Tom Zhe, Chief Engineer, a Midwest Refrigerated Warehouse

Thank you, I have to say that you have been the best person(company) I have ever bought anything from on the web! I will be passing your site along to all of my friends that need pool supplies!

Thank You again

– Chris Winter, California Swimming Pool Owner and Internet Customer