On-Site Water Treatment Services

On request we will go to any facility within 150 miles of Bear, Delaware (farther, if you are willing to pay our travel expenses) to review your facility for the potential to become one of our customers. There is no charge for the initial evaluation visit. Generally, we prefer this to be a facility that has had problems with getting acceptable results from one of our competitors. We are highly experienced and qualified. An Analytical Chemist with over 40 years in this industry will personally review your facility.

Be aware that we do not do bids on our service. We are seeking a long term relationship with our customers based on reasonable prices and reliable high quality service. Our services are unique and customized to your needs. They are not commodities that can be interchanged with some other company’s services. We do have low overhead and are generally less expensive than our competition, but it is in the quality not in the price that we have chosen to differentiate ourselves. We have made an effort to place the commodities that we sell on our online store at www.TheWaterTreatmentStore.com.