We sell chemicals used for the treatment, testing, and monitoring of water for industrial or commercial purposes. Some of these are available for direct purchase from our on line store. Due to environmental and regulatory concerns most of our chemical sales are restricted to North America only. Just because you do not see it on the store that does not mean that we do not provide it. So, contact us regarding your chemical requirements and we will write you a quotation if we can provide that.

The types of chemicals that we sell are:

  • Biocides
  • Boil Out Treatment Products
  • Boiler Lay Up Treatments (such as Cortec’s Boiler Lizard)
  • Boiler Treatment Products
  • Boiler Oxygen Scavengers
  • Boiler Scale Control Agents
  • Closed Loop Treatments
  • Condensate Amines
  • Cooling Water Treatment Products
  • Cooling Tower White Rust Treatments
  • Sump Buddy
  • Water Softener Treatment Product