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Advantage Glycol Feeders, GF-5E5A1C
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Corrosion Coupon Rack, 1 inch PVC

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The coupons racks are available in a wide variety of sizes and materials of construction. To view all of our Corrosion Coupon Racks, Click Here.

After you select the corrosion rack, be sure to check out the Related Products Tab to select your corrosion coupons. Metals available are: Admiralty Brass, Aluminum, Copper, Galvanized Steel, Lead, Mild Steel, Stainless Steel(304), Stainless Steel(316), and  Zinc. Other metals and specific alloys are available upon request.

CAUTION: If you select corrosion coupons that are of different metal compositions and you intend to use them together, be sure that they are ordered properly in the corrosion coupon rack with regard to flow. The most anodic metals should always be up stream of the cathodic metals. The flow order for our coupons should be: Zinc, Galvanized Steel, Aluminum, Mild Steel, Lead, Admiralty Brass, Copper, Stainless Steel(304), and Stainless Steel(316) The difference between the Zinc and Galvanized Steel coupon is somewhat arbitrary since Galvanized Steel is merely Zinc coated steel. Only if there are pits formed in the Galvanize coating that actually reach the steel, would the Zinc Coupon would become anodic with respect to the Galvanized Steel coupon. As a matter of practice, we never use the Galvanized Steel Coupons, but use the Zinc ones instead. Click Here to view or purchase corrosion coupons.


View detailed specifications.

The Common Options for that you can buy from this page for the Corrosion Coupon Rack are as follows:

# of Coupons:

  • ACR-11 = 1 Coupon
  • ACR-21 = 2 Coupons
  • ACR-31 = 3 Coupons
  • ACR-41 = 4 Coupons
  • ACR-51 = 5 Coupons
  • ACR-61 = 6 Coupons

Sample Tee:

  • No Sample Tee
  • E = Sample Tee with Valve


  • No Strainer
  • G = Basket Strainer for PVC/CPVC
  • H = Steel Y-Strainer for Black Iron/SS

Flow Control:

  • No Flow Control
  • A = Flow Control Orifice, 3 gpm
  • C = Flow Control Orifice, 5 gpm

Flow Indicator:

  • No Flow Indicator
  • B-2 = Flow Indicator 6” long, 1-10 gpm 325 psi @ 212°F max
  • B-7 = Flow Indicator 7.5” long, 1-10 gpm 100 psi @ 125°F max

Clear Clear PVC Piping over Coupon - price is per coupon (120 psi @ 80°F)

  • None
  • J-1 = One
  • J-2 = Two
  • J-3 = Three
  • J-4 = Four
  • J-5 = Five
  • J-6 = Six

All Other Options Available:

  • F = Back Flow Check Valve
  • K = Omit ¾” Ball Valves
  • K-1 = Omit 1” Ball Valves
  • L = ¾” FNPT for use with Corrator Probes Includes Pipe Plug for ¾” & 1” PVC Racks only
  • L1 = ¾” PVC quick release corrator tee - for ¾” & 1” PVC Racks only
  • N = 1/2” blue poly
  • R3 = 3 PVC quick release probe tees ¾” - for ¾” PVC Racks only
  • S = 3/4” removable section of black iron pipe

For other options, contact us  with your unique requirements.

Prices for the Continental 48 states of the USA only.

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