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Corrosion Coupons


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The corrosion coupons come in a wide variety of metal types to match your system metals.  These coupons are preweighed, individually serial numbered, and shipped to you in a VCI protected bag. The price includes the completed laboratory analysis report at the end of its exposure the water in your system. With each coupon packet, we include an instruction sheet that also has the address of our laboratory. Click here to view or download that instruction sheet.

Metals available are: Admiralty Brass (CDA443), Aluminum (1100), Copper (CDA110), Galvanized Steel, Lead, Mild Steel (C1010), Stainless Steel,(304), Stainless Steel (316L), and Zinc. Other metals and specific alloys are availble upon request.

Coupon Specifications:

  • Overall dimensions:0.5 inch wide x 3 inch long x 1.4 mm (approximately one 1/8th of an inch) thick.
  • Hole diameter: 01875 inches (three 16ths of an inch).
  • Hole center location 0.25 inches from the end of the coupon.
  • Available surface area: 3.38 square inches.

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CAUTION: If you select corrosion coupons that are of different metal compositions and you intend to use them together, be sure that they are ordered properly in the corrosion coupon rack with regard to flow. The most anodic metals should always be up stream of the cathodic metals. The flow order for our coupons should be: Zinc, Galvanized Steel, Aluminum, Mild Steel, Lead, Admiralty Brass, Copper, Stainless Steel(304), and Stainless Steel(316) The difference between the Zinc and Galvanized Steel coupon is somewhat arbitrary since Galvanized Steel is merely Zinc coated steel. Only if there are pits formed in the Galvanize coating that actually reach the steel, would the Zinc Coupon would become anodic with respect to the Galvanized Steel coupon. As a matter of practice, we never use the Galvanized Steel Coupons, but use the Zinc ones instead.

Material Options

  • Admiralty Brass, CDA443, UNS #C44300
  • Aluminum, AL1100, UNS #A91100
  • Copper, CDA110, UNS #C11000
  • Galvanized Steel, C1010 (Mild Carbon Steel), UNS #G10100 Finish: Hot Dipped Galvanized in Zinc
  • Lead, UNS #L50050
  • Mild Carbon Steel, C1010, UNS #G10100
  • Stainless Steel 304, UNS #S30400
  • Stainless Steel 316, UNS #S31603
  • Zinc, UNS #Z15001


Photo. With this option a photo will be added to each Corrosion Coupon Report so you can compare the appearance of the corrosion coupon with the corrosion result. This report with picture will be provided in hard copy and in PDF format.

Executive Review and Summary. At your option our Staff Chemist will provide a detailed analysis of your raw corrosion coupon data along with recommendations for improving future corrosion coupon results. This summary will be provided in hard copy and in PDF format.

Express Mail Delivery. At the end of the process, many of our customers want to get the corrosion coupons themselves back. We have had some difficulty with the U.S Postal Service losing these coupons. Delivery Confirmation and Signature Confirmation are only required to be scanned at the start and end points of the mail delivery process. As such they are totally useless to track losses in route. Thus we are offing to ship the coupons back to you using Express Mail With Signature Confirmation. While this still does not guarantee delivery, it does provide the highest level of tracking and accountability along the route.

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