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Specific Laboratory Water Analysis


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This is a list of individual laboratory water tests.. Water Sample Kit is sold separately. Prices are good for the lower 48 States of the USA. No discounts apply to these analyses.

We need approximately one quart or one liter to perform this test. You provide the bottle and the mailer and send it to:

Richard Hourigan, Inc.; Attn: Laboratory; 890 Lively Blvd.; Wood Dale, Illinois 60191

Included in this basic water analysis are the following tests:

  • M Alkalinity as CaCO3
  • P Alkalinity as CaCO3
  • OH Alkalinity as CaCO3
  • Total (P + M) Alkalinity as CaCO3
  • Chloride as Chloride
  • Conductivity in MicroSiemens
  • Total Hardness as CaCO3
  • Calcium Hardness as CaCO3
  • Magnesium Hardness as CaCO3
  • Soluble Iron as Fe
  • Ortho Phophosphate as PO4
  • pH
  • Silica as SiO2

The above test are available here individually, but are also represent the Standard Water Analysis.

The following tests are only available here:

  • Alkalinity OH (Direct Titration)
  • Aluminum as Al
  • Azole, Active
  • Bacteria/Fungi Total-RLU Value
  • Chelant - Free as 38% EDTA
  • Chelant - Total, Active T.C. as EDTA
  • Chlorine - Free as Cl2
  • Chlorine -Total as Cl2
  • Soluble Copper as Cu
  • Total Copper as Cu
  • Glycol Content, % Glycol as Ethylene Glycol, unless you specify Propylene Glycol
  • Total Iron as Fe
  • Molybdenum/Molybdate as Mo
  • Nitrate as NO3
  • Nitrite as NO2
  • Oil in Water - "Presence"
  • Phosphonate Digestion (Dual Sample)(Make Up and System)
  • Phosphonate Digestion (Single Sample)
  • Quarternary Ammonia "Quat/PolyQuat" as Poly Quat
  • Sulfate as SO4
  • Sulfate Reducing Bacteria CFU/mL
  • Sulfite as SO3
  • Total Phosphate as PO4
  • Polymer - "Active"
  • ZInc as Zn

If you do not have your own bottle, purchase our Water Sample Test Kit.

Prices good in the lower 48 States of the USA.

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