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PLTK RediFast Organo Phosphonate Test Kit


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The RediTab Organo Phosphonate Test Kit has been replaced by the RediFast Organo Phosphonate Test Kit

Part Number is: RT-897/L-1

Utilizes liquid Indicator with a green to purple color change. 1 drop = 1ppm as 100% O.P./25ml.

RediFast utilizes a traditional Thorium based titrant.

  • Utilizes a liquid indicator with  a Green to Purple color change.
  • The PTS #2 Titrating Solution contains additives to remove test interferences caused by
    Chlorine, Bromine and Fluorides. If the sample contains significant levels of Iron and/or
    suspended solids, filtration before analysis should be done. (A pre-treatment filtration kit is

  • Sulfate levels present at or above 200 ppm will likely be a known source of
    interference, resulting in falsely high values with poor endpoint color development! The
    addition of 5 drops of Sulfate Suppressor Solution to the sample followed by pre-
    treatment filtration will remove this test interference.
  • RediFast test method works for commonly used Phosphonate compounds such as HEDP, ATMP and HPAA.
  • Contains pH Buffering agents to adjust your sample without supplemental pH papers! No more time spent adjusting or checking the pH of your sample!
  • There is no need to do a Blank determination on each make-up water sample! The Auto-
    Blank of 4 drops is sufficient to account for the vast majority of make-up water blanks and
    deviations. The Auto-Blank value of 4 is a constant value.

Incorporates our exclusive RediFast Inhibitor solution used to suppress Halogen, Flouride, and Iron interferences which are common in O.P. testing as well as improved pH control.

No pH paper required or time spent adjusting the pH of your sample. pH is buffered to the appropriate range.

Prices for the Continental 48 states of the USA only.

(1 drop = 1ppm as 100% O.P./25ml)
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